Megapack Trüffelprodukte

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Experience the ultimate luxury with our exclusive truffle product package. We have carefully prepared and composed a range of delicate products that will add a sublime truffle flavor to your culinary creations.

Our truffle product package contains:

-1 x Truffle rice 400 g: Perfect for truffle rissoto
1 x Summer Black Truffle Carpaccio 50g: Enjoy a luxurious product to top it off with the Summer Black Truffle Carpaccio fruit.
1 x Salt and truffle 90 g: Adding a new dimension of flavor with our Salt and truffle.
1 x Black Truffle Oil - Summer truffles - 250 ml: This aromatic oil will enhance your taste and give you a refined touch of truffle.
1 x Truffle sauce - 80 g: Give your dishes an extraordinary taste with our Truffle sauce. This delicious sauce combines the refined taste of truffle with a creamy consistency.