Risotto Paket

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Get ready to impress your guests with our exclusive Risotto Package for professionals. This set is specially composed to provide you with all the necessary ingredients and tools to prepare a sublime truffle risotto that will leave an unforgettable taste experience.

The Risotto Pack contains our delicious Truffle Rice - Riso Al Tartufo of 400 g. This rice is carefully selected and enriched with authentic truffle aromas that will add a sublime elegance and an unrivaled taste to your risotto.

To complete your risotto experience, we also include 30g of fresh Black Winter Truffle - Perigord - Tuber Melanosporum.

In addition, you get our practical truffle plane made of olive wood. This truffle grater is the ideal tool for adding the perfect slices of fresh truffles to your risotto.

Order your Professional Risotto Package today and let your culinary skills shine.